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Ginkgo – Bucket Hat

69 eur

We promote the concept of handcraft, slow design and extra effort. Fashion comes and goes but we see our items as something that can withstand the test of time. The team is taking a holistic approach to sustainable fashion and is a huge advocate for the natural fabric movement.

Our brilliant constructors Lina and Simona helping us to twist and shape each piece so it highlights the very best of any wearer while covering the small imperfections.

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For those who prefer cosiness combined with a fashionable look when they’re out and about will love this bucket hat. A noticeable amount of wool and the hat’s crushable properties ensure an incredibly comfortable fit, further enhanced by hand tailored lining band made of lightweight viscose. The choice of colour and subtle decorative stitching on the sloping brim discreetly emphasise the pleasing look of this fisherman’s ha

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